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Simplified version of eMule

It's hard to imagine eMule being made any easier but easyMule does a pretty good job of it for those that find the world's number one P2P client a bit too complicated.

easyMule offers a sleek interface that looks almost identical to eMule but has obviously been stripped down. Conveniently, you can play files while you are downloading (as long as there's enough to read), which reduces the risk of downloading fake or corrupted files. In addition, easyMule features a safety disk buffer which protects your hard drive from malicious files before they manage to damage your system.

easyMule uses exactly the same P2P principle as eMule to connect to networks although not exactly the same servers. This brings one of the major weaknesses of easyMule to light - it doesn't really offer as many hits as eMule. However, it does offer a decent hit rate and download speeds are comparable.

easyMule is definitely easier than eMule to use although I can only imagine that young kids would really benefit from this as eMule is not a complicated program.


  • Easy to find files
  • Nice slick interface


  • Doesn't differ that much from eMule
  • Doesn't offer many hits


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easyMule 1.0.11 for PC


User reviews about easyMule

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    IEBHO plugin, search filter, and GPL-Breaker.
    This easymule is harmful. it adds BHO plugin to users' IE. It has search filter, usMore

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